Lil Keel Hits Hard 4real

Here we have a new rising artist from Atlanta Georgia who is 17 years old named Lil Keel. After releasing his last single Fluent, which gained some traction on SoundCloud he does not wait long to release another single named 4real right after. Teaming up with a producer you may know of from one of his biggest songs “Talk Sh*t“. When Lil Keel and Hxney collaborate you know they are putting everything they got into the track.
As the song makes you dive into the new evolving sound “Rage” which has been happening for some time now, but ever since the new song Miss The Rage came out, this type of sound is starting to evolve.

As his recent song that spiked Fluent which we discussed early is dropping a new video to match with it. Lil Keel hasn’t slowed down with his content and it doesn’t seem like he is showing any signs of slowing down in 2021. Everything is opening up, the world is starting to feel more alive and now it is time for the artists to shine with new evolving sounds.

Listen to “4real” Below.

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