Jack Kays Proves The World Is Interconnected With His “Middle Of The End” Video

How does it feel to be stuck in the middle of the ending? The best person to answer this question seems to be Jack Kays. He is an alternative indie singer, songwriter, as well as a multi instrumentalist .He was born December 15th, 1998, He comes from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is now residing in Washington DC. He has been working hard n new music since being interviewed by Front Row Live Ent. and Flaunt Magazine earlier this year. Looking back on his discography, he may be one of very few musicians that are successfully blending the folk and hip-hop genres. On his newest video, “Middle of the End” Jack tells a captivating tale with nothing but sincere vocals and acoustic strings, all while seeking production help from Drew Fulk, The music video was released to YouTube on June 8th 2021.

The video starts with a disclaimer, telling the viewers that Jack Kays will not appear in the video. This creative direction decision shows us how selfless and empathetic Jack truly is, since Jack steps out of the spotlight to shed light on the tribulations of everyday people. The story of the video consists of five coexisting plots. The protagonists of the five separate plots are: The Couple, The Lost Boy, The Comedian, The Dreamer, and Jack made a post on his Instagram account, giving us the synopsis of each protagonist in the video. The Artist learns to be more creatively abstract with his art despite defying societal expectations. The Lost Boy grieves and learns how to cope with the death of a close friend. The Comedian overcomes stage fright by performing his skits in he woods and using action figures as his mock audience. The Couple solidifies their bond during a picnic. Lastly, The Dreamer skips out on her job and career she did not want in order to follow her kite-flying hobby. Did Jack Kays succeed in delivering his intended message for this video? Which protagonist in the video are you most similar to? Let us know below!

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