Kodoku & Darius King Start The Summer Strong With “Essay”

We have so much to say about these two, first they are on the rise in North Carolina. They have some big goals and if you go through either of their discographies then you will understand that they are wanting to grow to be one of the larger North Carolina artists. With these two being young artists they have the sky as the Limit, having a co-release with Promoting Sounds called “Goals” reaching 200,000 on Spotify.

Then we were given this beautiful summer vibe, being in his bag for the more melodic sound recently. Kodoku went out to want to prove how he can hit any note imaginable, following a verse from Darius fitting this pocket PERFECTLY. He comes in with a smooth versus showing that not only can he spazz on a track, he can also bring down to a more mellowed and relaxed beat. These two are always showing improvement on each track they put out.

This only being the second track they have done together, be ready for more. As the guys aren’t whole just a fan of each other’s music. They are best friends waiting to tackle the music industry and shock everyone with the versatility they have, you never know what to expect from them. The only thing you can expect is with each track they put out, it will better than the last one.

Listen To “Essay” Below

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