Ferris Self Directs His Own Music Video “Summer Gurl”

This was an overall performance from this artist. of course, he was the artist on his new single Summer Gurl. But this is the impressive part, he went out and self-directed, produced, and was one of his cameras. On top of mixing and mastering his song, Ferris goes out and beyond to prove the talent he has and the passion he has for his music. With the perfect song to start the summer, he has the cast being his friends in the music video. With Baily Robin being the other one in the music video he is a fellow artist but also a close friend with Ferris.

The music video is following the same storyboard of the lyrics Ferris sings throughout the song. Falling in love with the girl in the music video as she is currently in a situation that stops them from being public and having to go behind the back of the guy she is currently in the video. Then Ferris in the video had a realization that he was done hiding everything with the girl he wants to be with. The video was perfectly well done for an independent artist that did a majority of the music video by himself.

Watch “summer gurl” Below

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