Noah Jack – “Pixie Dust”

Noah Jack has been popping up everywhere on my instagram feed since he released his first video to his single “Angst”. He has been getting attention from multiple blogs and is on the eyes of industry heads. The twenty year old Pennsylvania artist has a sound that is a blend of emo and hyper pop. What makes Noah Jack special is his creativity and his determination to pioneer a new sound. This year has been full of new innovative artists merging hyperpop and alternative hiphop. Noah Jack is bringing back an alternative rock sound that we haven’t heard in quite some time. Once Noah Jack is really solidified into the community, there is no stopping the train. Noah Jack really hit it off with “Pixie Dust”

“Pixie Dust” doesn’t have one audience it’s targeted for. The song has elements of pop punk, hyper pop, and emo rap. “Pixie Dust” is super upbeat and the production was highly professional. Noah Jack performs the song with confidence and his cadence makes you want to smile listening. At the time I am writing this, the video has 489 views. With the right marketing and social campaigns, I believe this record could really break. Noah Jack is an artist we’re going to keep hearing about all 2021. 

Watch “Pixie Dust” below.

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