DeadBoy.img’s Top 10 Artists of April

April has been a crazy month for me with school and summer closing in, music has seemed to be my only get away and here are my top 10 artists of April.

#10 Topaz Jones

Topaz Jones dropped nothing less than an artistic masterpiece this month with his album and film “Dont Go Tellin’ Your Momma“. The Montclair, NJ based artist not only created one of the best funk albums this year but an award winning 35 minute short which coincides with the album and touches on black culture as well as incorporating home videos. Being around a 10 minute drive from the New Jersey in me and relative neighbors definitely drew me to him. The music and cinematic side of just couldn’t resist watching both the film and listening to the album made me stay and I highly suggest you do the same.

#9 Sweeney

The hype is real for Sweeney’s new song “Lost Time” with Love_sadkid and Rxseboy and to keep myself sane I had to stream Sweeney. As previously mentioned, school has been been in full gear and with finals almost hear I needed something chill to study to. This is where Sweeney comes in with his chill almost Lofi beats mixed with hyper pop in your face beats and vocals. A big shout out to Sweeney for getting me to and through finals weeks particularly “Popstar“.

#8 Daine

Daine has been dominating the hyperpop scene since her big hit “Bloody knees” and has been on heavy rotation for me. Her recent song “boys wanna txt” gives me that same chill down my spine hearing her hypnotizing voice. We also can’t forget ericdoa‘s feature which matches Daine’s energy. I’ve been saying for months that these two would crush it on a song together and it seems my wish was granted.

#7 Capoxxo

Not only did Capoxxo have one banger this month, but two heavily replayed bangers. Capoxxo had an unfair advantage in this list being as he is usually on my top ten artists of all time and songs like “doing better” produced by michaelwarren and “zavod 311” produced by sshinju and threedimensionsapart are the reasons why. Capoxxo said never seems to miss with his video game like beat choices and his trance inducing vocals. All I can say is stream Capoxxo’s full discography and thank me later.

#6 Bladee

It was only recently that i fell in love with Bladee’s recent project “Good Luck“, a collaborative between himself and Mechatok. it was a sound reminiscent of Euro dance which took a while to get into but once I did there was no going back. What really stole the show this month was the remix of “Drama” featuring Charli XCX. Bladee and Charlie both came in strong and single handedly brought back Euro dance to this scene.

#5 Elyotto

I will admit I hopped on the bandwagon with “SugarCrash!” and did dominate my for you page on Tik Tok and still does. Still riding the high ElyOtto released a remix of it which features Curtis Waters & Kim Petras. Just when I thought I had finally got the song out of my head ana amazing remix is released and now i have to live with ElyOtto last verse constantly repeating in my head. In His short time in the hyper pop spotlight he has dominated Streaming services and Tik Tok alike and the future is bright. Im literally sitting here waiting for him to drop another song so that can be stuck in my head too and this track proves he’s not just a one hit wonder

#4 Auras

It seems that when an artist is set to release a project they become my new favorite and this is the case with Auras. His most recent song “Oxygen” has been stuck in my head ever since he first played me the unfinished version and i’m happy to finally have it on all my streaming services. Lets not forget to mention that cmfrt killed the second verse and micco couldn’t have made a more perfect beat to match the feel of the song. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new Auras project coming out soon.

#3 Polearm

I met Polearm in 2019 and I went from not knowing who he was or his music in November to him being my most streamed artist of 2019 on both Soundcloud and Spotify on my wrapped. It is no surprise that his latest song “regret” would be on this list. With releases become more and more spaced out any time Polearm drops a new song it immediately becomes my favorite song. Polearm is another artist whose discography I’ve listen to extensively and i suggest you do the same.

#2 Scapegoat

When Scapegoat dropped his album “Life is Pain” I didn’t expect another song on that caliber that quickly, I was very wrong. This month i was blessed with “Heal” which I previously reviewed. There is no denying that whenever Scapegoat drops a song it’s instantly a number one on my list.

#1 Skele

My number one most streamed artist this month is Skele, his songs “bleed through the bandages” and “treat me terrible” have both been on repeat since they dropped. While Skele is in my usual rotation there’s nothing better to get me through these rough and stressful times than skele songs on repeat. Whether im happy, sad, stressed, or just trying to get hype, i know there will be a skele song to help me get there.

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