Ali The $tar Out A Show Under The Moon (Music Video)

This artist simply created an amazing short film. Reminding me of Thriller by the legend Michael Jackson the way it was directed and shot. The beginning shot reminded me when I was younger and watching Halloween Town. Avery Sadowski absolutely killed his role as the directed, editor, VFX, and Sound Designer. With an amazing story board, Ali The Star fit this very well. With the amount of events and detail moments happening in the music video, it ended up being a nice time of 3:30 which is perfect for the amount happening.

Now ever since this music video we have had a little bit more action from Ali The Star, this music video was dropped on April 11th, but we have received more music from Ali. As he dropped meet me at the show. Which is on all platforms, which if you enjoy the production of the new single from Trippie Redd and Playboi Carti then you will appreciate the production of his new song. With it still being early 2021 expect more from Ali as he’s starting the year off with a bang!

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