Tuxx Continues Grind With New Music Video For Gravestone!

Tuxx has been on a roll this year, going into the fifth month of the year we already have 3 new singles along with new music videos. With Tuxx transitioning into his sound perfectly. Starting to release more of the Alternative-Rock, bringing back some of the old classic sounds. As this sound is starting to rise back up in popularity recently, having trending songs like All Time Low having a hot single of Dear Maria, Count Me In.

With the amazing production crushing the new sound, Tuxx had Sam Thraxx and Baker Beats work amazing together. As you listen in on what Tuxx has to say, and what a lot of people may even agree with him epically during the crazy time the world has been going through this last year. Life is flying by you as days turn to months. Only you can slow it down and make it worthwhile. Even if your days are boring and drag, they are always controlled by you. No matter what, you have two sides. One side is decisions that you can control and then the events that happen to you where you have no control. You can let that ruin your day or use it to grow.

With this music video being well directed and filmed by Sam McGrath, you may even recognize some people in the music video. You have Johnny Ransom on the drums throughout the video, then you have Jaxx holding the flowers in the empty pool, and then you have MaiQuel Denee playing in the video as well.

Tuxx has been non-stop in 2021 and I’m starting to think, you aren’t stopping him. He’s going to continue to grow, and show his fans what his improvement through the year. As they are on the journey with him, stay tune for what is next with Tuxx.

Watch the new video for Gravestone below!

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