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The Tom The Mail Man Interview

When I first found Tom The Mail Man, the first thing that caught my attention before listening was his name, that stuck with me; most artists names are not as creative as this. I discovered Tom while watching a No Jumper live stream, he had sent his video “Lil Tommy” into the stream. The viewers loved it and I searched him on YouTube, I was immediately drawn in. The animations and editing style was really trendy for the time. The video was uploaded on January 11, of 2019. This video gave Tom a whole new audience and really brought attention to his music. After releasing “Lil Tommy”, the next standout records from Tom were, “Traveling Alone (Prod. Rizi)” and “Hero (Prod. Gin$eng)”. My favorite song from Tom is “My Storm”, it was released a few months before “Lil Tommy”. Jumping into the interview, I was super excited and appreciative of Tom for being apart.

Eric: Name, what you do, and where you’re from?

Tom: “My name is Sean, I make music and I’m from Monroe Ga.”

Eric:  Who or what inspired you to start making music?

Tom: “I’ve just been around a lot of music growing up, like a lot of people who would freestyle around me and just had a lot of friends who either did music or was super super into music as a fan… somewhere along the way I just slipped into it and fell in love with it”.

Eric: How has pandemic affected your creativity and output?

Tom: “Hasn’t effected me at all if I’m being honest lmao I like staying inside for the most part anyway and I record in my room so nothings really changed”.

Eric: How do you feel your music has changed over time?

Tom: “I feel like my music is more of the same vibe but just a lot more mature like my 2018 shit was me as an infant and my music now is my getting comfortable with walking yah know… still a baby but I’m growing.”

Eric: Describe a recording session.

Tom: “My recording sessions are kinda basic as hell I play through beats and if it resonates with me I write to the song piece by piece”.

Eric: Favorite song you’ve made?

Tom: “Stop playing victim

Eric: When you released “Lil Tommy”, where were you at in life and what did you think your future would look like.

Tom: “I was going to work every other day and still riding around in my 1966 Nissan Altima… lmao shit was not looking up but people were super interested in lil tommy”.

Eric: At what moment did you think “oh wow I’m going to be something one day.

Tom: “Lmao ive never believed that tbh but I believe in myself as an artist and I know that if I keep going I’ll eventually get closer and closer to my goals”.

Eric: What is best advice you’ve ever gotten or your advice to the readers.

Tom: “Best advice I got was to never give up… Naruto uzumaki’s advice to be specific. “

Eric: Any performances coming up?

Tom: “Not gonna be any for awhile… maybe next year for me.”

Eric: What artists do you want to work with?

Tom: “As far as artist I’d like to work with I think brakence would be it”.

Eric: What’s your first crime on purge night?

Tom: “Probably wouldn’t even do shit but protect the fort on purge night”.

Eric: Favorite animal and why?

Tom: “I fw Eagles cause they can fly anywhere and nobody will typically fw them”.

Eric: What are your future moves/songs this year?

Tom: “SV2 is next”.

Tom is an exceptional artist with a bright future. His come up and growth has been very organic. His fans really love him and he is building something really special. Alongside Tom’s recent project, he made a incredible storyline for the drop; releasing a 5 part short video on YouTube leading up to the release. Tom and team did an incredible job filming and editing these video shorts. 2021 is going to be a big year for Tom The Mail Man.

Watch “Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough (Pt 1)”.

Stream Tom’s latest project “Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough” below.

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