Coming Back With Another Bouncy Hit Amber Ryann Releases SWITCH

Always having heavy 808’s hit in her songs, Amber Ryann comes back with this new single. Coming from the LA area, this self-produced Hip-Hop artist has been on the rise recently. Artists like Amber who blend Pop and Hip-Hop, always have such a confident flow then you have a little bit of R&B between all of it. With her vocal performance and flawless delivery, as she goes throughout the song. Lyrically she goes on about what it is like as an up-and-coming artist. People who doubted her and being talked about for chasing your dreams. With this co-produced beat with Zach Golden, this beat giving some Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams vibes. Making this a complete song, the impeccable vocals on top of a well-produced beat, with a high-quality mix. This is a song you will want in your playlist!

Listen To SWITCH Below

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