The Midwxst Is About To Takeover!

The young and talented artist midwxst is just getting started! I remember back in January stumbling across his SoundCloud page and it’s safe to say I was instantly a stan. With his catchy world play, melodies, and overall production quality it’s just a matter of time before we see the midwxst takeover! Out of his catalog so far, I have to say “Trying” produced by Thislandis & Elxnce is my favorite. The song has this energy and storytelling essence to it that has you smashing the repeat button over and over again. So, when I saw this week on Instagram that the midwxst recently connected with the team over at Overcast to bring “Trying” to the big screen. I was overly excited….and did the Overcast team ever deliver! The music video is movie like, as we see the midwxst air bending rocks and almost drowning in a fish tank. I feel the music video perfectly portrays the high energy and storytelling elements the song brings. Just like the song the Daniel Jordan directed music video is on repeat! Go stream the midwxst’s new project “SUMMER03”.

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