Cal Scruby Continues Train Of Music Videos With “donnie darko”

Still stretching the life of his album While You Were Sleeping, that released on all platforms back in July 2020. He is still releasing a music video for each one of his songs bringing people back to his music. Even though he has not dropped yet this year, he keeps giving his fans some amazing content with these eye-opening music videos. One thing I love about Cal, and the album While You Were Sleeping. He has these one-liners and flows that hit so smoothly and make Cal the artist he is. In this song he has a line ending with:

“Then hit ’em with the du du du-du du-du-damn”

The flow he carries with this line brings a catchy smug face to whoever watching / listening to the music video. That is why I love these music videos he does because with each one it reminds me how amazing his album was and how each song is that different confident flow he brings.

Dropping a music video for each song, 2021 Cal continues to bring a lot of content for his fans to keep in tap with him. But for new music? I would love to see another single towards the end of the year from Cal. Always excited to see the beat selection and lyrical punchlines he has in store for us.

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