“NFT’s and the technological gold rush”

NFTs or Non fungible tokens are literally taking the world by storm and here’s why. But first some context, NFT’s are made up of block chain technology which is a more recent phenomena. Blockchain technology is a ledger of information that is nearly impossible to change or alter. This is important to note because in the case of a NFT it provides legitimate ownership of a digital piece and and also gives credit to the creator of the piece. And forever they are on record as creator and owner. Beeple is a digital artist that recently sold a NFT piece for over 60 million dollars. So why write about NFTs ? Well in the last three weeks I have seen more than digital artist get in on the gold rush, I have seen music artist get in on it as well. Elon Musk has a edm song about NFTs that he is auctioning off as an NFT. Mick Jenkins is one artist that has dove into the trend as well and is currently releasing a song/visual for his NFT. If an artist auctions of a NFT piece the artist can set a royalty percentage I think its like 15-30 percent and every time the NFT switches hands from owner to owner they get a portion of that royalty. To come to a conclusion if you have time defiantly research NFTs and what they are and what they can do. I really think this is the future of music and art as a whole because big corporate giants like the NBA and taco bell are also getting in on the gold rush so this is where I end thank you for reading and thank you guys for bringing me on !

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