Parisval Stepping Up With His New Single “Hurt”

On the horizon Parsival the Las Vegas-based artist, with the artist having idolized artists such as; Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, Brent Faiyaz. After listening to this track from Parsival, you will come to a quick realization that he follows his idol artists with a similar vibe of dark R&B on his track Hurt. Going through his discography you will see the jump in improvements with each track. As Parsival is on the guitar he has La Palmera finishing off this Weekend / Brent Fiayaz beat, he continues to show off the versatility through his vocals, no matter the beat he makes sure to show off the talent.

Having the incredible production, the guitar riffs to the 808 drops. I always tell artists to keep the song short and sweet. Having songs above 3:00 isn’t always typically the best. But Parsival goes out here with this track to prove that wrong. Stretching his vocals to hit notes you didn’t think he would be able to.

With the incredible improvement in all scales on this track from his previous tracks. He kicks off 2021 with a strong statement. He will be having a lot more in store for these upcoming months, continuing to elevate his sounds and prove that he will be able to pull of any genre you through at him. Stay on your toes for this unpredictable artist, because you won’t know what his the next step is.

Listen To “Hurt” Below

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