Get Hypnotized by the HIVEMIND Visuals for lil rozey & ITSOKTOCRY – in “running away”

Vacationing during COVID-season has pretty much been a no-go for many of us. Plus, wearing a tight mask on your face for the entire airport experience sounds far from ideal. Have no fear, the Detroit-based “HiveMind” crew with the help of cherub-like vocalists “lil rozey” and “ITSOKTOCRY” can fly you to a world all their own. The video employs a cornucopia of cartoons. The opening greets you with a cross between pin-headed Squidward and long-haired Gonzo; a very muppet-like creature knocking himself out with a baseball. Then we are exposed to the pulse-pounding drums and tasty flashes of the scenes to come next. rozey is pictured lying on his back, wearing a clear puffer-vest with rubber duckies trapped inside, nose bloodied with his red dyed hair submerged in a melancholy slow-running stream setting. As the song progresses we spot additional scenes to include mirrors, baby aliens floating in bubbles and a display of super powers similar to Magneto.

ITSOKTOCRY is introduced to the visually hypnotizing wonderland to build a sort of HiveMind Exodia. rozey is wearing a red and black checkered robe, “FRAGILE” on each sleeve, with CRY emerging from the depths of the robe mysteriously in a Hello Kitty hat. Shattered glass shards from the mirrors seem to float and dance amongst them as their lyrics slowly lull the listener into a further trance. Many concepts of “running away” seem to become an echo chamber with each lyric sung as the video rolls on. The leaves changing is the metaphor that brings the song all together. Their visual approaches and message lead to the conclusion of: we can run and hide from our problems, but changes will happen beyond our control or purview. The seasons alter our reality as we run through each day of our lives.

Ultimately, this delightful offering from the team of creators will get you head rocking like it’s “A Night at the Roxbury” in a sorrowful joy. Venture down the rabbit-hole and watch the music video to escape Earth for just a moment! #swagapocalypse. #staytuned.


“running away” OUT ON ALL PLATFORMS!

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