Dro Kenji Hits Back With Another Album: EAT YOUR HEART OUT

Dro Kenji just can’t stop blessing his fans, they give him so much support on his way to a million monthly listeners. He just keeps giving them album after album for rewards. Coming back with another 11 piece project, EAT YOUR HEART OUT. This South Carolina artist may only have two features with $NOT and Guwop Regin. He also had some amazing producing collaborations on this tape. With of course the help of Internet Money Taz Taylor on each track, he also had helping hands from; Nick Mira, KC Supreme, Rio Leyva, Jetsonmade, and, many more. With the catchy writing in each of the songs, I can’t imagine the number of people who went for a nighttime cruise screaming along with Kenji. The tough time people have been going through with the obvious pandemic. With the tough time people have been experiencing with the pandemic, it’s crazy that Kenji’s given us 3 projects during this crazy time: tears pistols, race me to hell, and now this brand new masterpiece. He will have a vault to choose from when he performs live. His Rolling Loud Twitch performance was just a taste of what people will get once concerts get clear.

With the amount of music this man has been dropping, it seems that Internet Money will forever be in the studio. Even having the #1 song with Lemonade, they will be proving to you that all of their artists are this consistent. Having Kenji has one of their most talented artists and the artist with the most billboard potential. With his 3rd project, he continues to prove that he is becoming the king of the underground for his melodic rap and unbelievably catchy hooks.

In my eyes, the stand-out track with “Kill Cupid” with $NOT. I see this being the top played and attention-grabbing song. With the familiar vocals of using the strong voice a lot of these artists have nowadays, they have the mix of this song throw “IM FALLING FLAT ON MY FACE” right at your face, making you wanna scream along with the talented artist. Having the 808 and kick fade back into the beat making you wanna move with the beat immediately.

I can’t even imagine what is next for this artist! a new single? ANOTHER project? What next big artist is going to feature on his next song? I can imagine many people in the industry are going to wanna work with Internet Money and Dro Kenji. I would stay tuned for Dro Kenji and his next surprise. It will be impossible to miss him if you are a fan of the melodic rap or even Hip-Hop in general.

Listen to “EAT YOUR HEART OUT” below

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