The Afterparty Project teams up with Gun Boi Kaz for new single “Walked Away”

This Connecticut-based artist continues to show improvement, starting 2021 with 9teen and with another level up with Walked Away. He teams up with Afterparty Project a independent label to help grow the underground and gain exposure to artists like Gun Boi Kaz, imfalls, Xinclair, Ethan Ross, binxx, and many other artists. They release content such as; Lyric videos, released singles, and song edits. I always love seeing more people help under-appreciated artists. As being a writer on this amazing platform Grooverelly and running similar pages. Seeing more people putting in the work to have the spotlight shine on other talented people across this world, is an amazing sight to see.

With this new single, Gun Boi Kaz continues to wake people up with his 2:08 track and the catchy hook wanting you to replay this track. When I first listened to this, I had it on replay for 10 minutes and didn’t realize I had the track on for that long. The tremendous amount of replay value in the song will start to bring Gun Boi Kaz the plays he deserves. This is just the start of what he has, he is just trying to finally get the attention of people that are tunnel vision by the mainstream artist that he is coming up next. With this being the first release for Afterparty Project this is a strong start and people will have to keep an eye out on the artists coming out of the independent label.

Listen to “Walked Away” Below.

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