Numfade – “Love For Sale” (Album)

Maryland-based Numfade is an artist I’m not very familiar with, however after tuning into his new album “Love For Sale”, I’ve really gotten a feel for what he has to offer! Numfade is definitely still pretty early on in his musical career, but it’s clear to see that with some work, he could really turn out to be something special.

The 7 track project consists of songs such as “Tell Me Something”, “Hold Mine”, “Run Away” & one of my personal favourites “No Such Thing As Eternity”. The whole album as a whole is very consistent, each track maintaining their quality, while listening I couldn’t help but want to memorize the lyrics and sing along for myself! You can tell that he’d put a ton of work and time into this project, the replay value is incredible. For me personally, this project has no skips.

As I’d said before, Numfade still has a ton of room for improvement, but the potential is surely there. I’m looking forward to hearing what he puts forward within his future releases.

Stream “Love For Sale” down below.

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