The Underd0g Takes Pokemon to New York in Visuals for “Dancin’ In The Moonlight”

With streams for “Dancin In The Moonlight” climbing The Underd0g teams up with the legendary New England Boy for visuals that transports us to a fantasy world not to far from our own. The video is nothing short of tha perfect visual experience of escapism with bright light and cartoon character cameos from Pikachu to Kirby which matches the vibe of the song perfectly. The Underd0g takes us to the streets of time square and central park and while normally empty due to the pandemic is filled with energy radiating from the song and Underd0gs free flowing and energetic movements perfectly captured by New England Boy’s angles and transition. The Underd0gs free spirit energy for will have us all dancin in the moonlight with Elmo and Minnie Mouse by our sides. I know we all wish were dancing with Pikachu and Kirby while flexing our pokemon card collection and living out our childhood fantasies. Make sure to check the video out on Sad Chill’s channel for a completely euphoric experience.

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