Patrick Cc: Launch Sequence

Underground Hiphop vibe curator Patrick CC teamed up with rising artists to make “Launch Sequence”, released on the 19th of February. Patrick has been uploading content to YouTube for three years and has played a huge role in documenting underground hiphop. Patrick has helped many artists grow and has discovered an immense amount of artists before stardom. “Launch Sequence” is an album full of artists that deserve to shine in music. 

The leading track from “Launch Sequence” is titled “Black Hole Sun (feat. Jonah Zed & Skaiwater)”. Jonah is an artist that I have been watching develop for quite some time. Jonah has recently been really showing the underground what he is capable of, with pop songs like “tired”. “Black Hole Sun” has a beat that just makes you happy listening. Skaiwater, is an up and coming artist that has been making waves in the hiphop/pop scene with songs like “get back (ft. surf)”. Jonah and Skaiwater were a perfect blend together and both of their vocals complimented each other’s performance. This song was definitely a good pick to start off “Launch Sequence.”

This next record “Fall Damage (feat. Malik, Kwe The Artist & SeBii)”, is  a hiphop hit. Malik led in the record, Malik is an artist with a big future. I first found Malik a year ago with his hit “all girls are the devil”. Kwe The Artist follows Malik and comes in with heat. Rising hyperpop star SeBii jumped on at the end and crushed it, then Malik. His voice and the beat mix 

The third record, “Out Of This World (feat. Surf & Voda Fuji)”. Surf and Voda Fuji have both been popping off since early 2020. “Out of This World” is a fast moving hiphop record with a soft blend of pop. I discovered Voda Fuji from his record, “NEXT TIME”, which started to get traction on soundcloud. Surf has been growing and really rooting himself in the underground scene with records like, “Fight Ft. Rip Eternal”. This mix of this song came out super clean and is industry ready. 

The next record will make you stay upped when you get gas. RobOlu and Dad Bodi just bodied the beat on their record “Movin Too Risky”. When the song started and the beat came in screaming at me, I knew this was a hit. With the lil baby type beat and these artists flow, I could see this song really moving if they shoot a music video. It’s crazy how big of a genre jump this album takes each song, one second it’s pop then its hiphop. These two artists will have a hit if they colab again. 

Here is a song to blast in the whip. No Kizzy w/ Yeroc & KT6900 went off on producer prettyboyron’s beat. This is my personal favorite song from the hiphop genre off this album. The sound and flow isn’t anything new but it is something that will catch with the hiphop scene for sure. Like I said before, these hiphop tracks need videos. Youtube is the best platform to grow an artist in this sound. KT6900 coming out of Atlanta has a similar sound to lil baby. KT6900 will develop into his own sound for sure, Patrick picked out all of these artists early in their development phase. Curious to hear these two artists’ next records. 

Jumping onto the tenth record off “Launch Sequence”, “Sherbs (feat. Koi & Voda Fuji)”. This record is super easy to vibe to. I was hyped to see Koi and Voda Fuji together, both of them together sounds super smooth. There is a mix of R&B and pop that we haven’t heard from these artists. Koi and Voda Fuji are going to have a big 2021. 

This is one of the first albums I heard this year where I don’t think the artists missed. All of these records deserve more love and Patrick did a great job diversifying the sounds. The album has been receiving good reviews from listeners and I would not be surprised if we see Patrick create these collective projects more often. 

Listen to “Launch Sequence” Below. 

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