glaive is back in .mp4 format in recent video “astrid”

glaive has been making himself known the five months, really putting his all out there for the internet. “astrid” released 3 months ago apart of glaive’s album cypress grove. “astrid” is all about glaive trying to move on from a girl. Glaive sings, “Tell me, do you reminisce about me or the past? I’m stuck inside my head, should be stuck inside my bag”. glaive asks Astrid if she ever thinks about him from time to time because he himself can’t get her out of his head, being so much of a distraction that he can’t focus on making music/money. 

The video was something unexpected. The video starts with glaive on a farm with goats. When the chorus hits, the video transitions to “Astrid” climbing over the fence. Astrid is played by internet influencer xowiejones, she performs with ease. The next clips seem to be shot in a greenhouse or small plane hangar – probably a barn. glaive and team have a smart strategy of releases for their music videos, dropping music, and releasing videos months later. They are maximizing the growth for glaive. We are going to be seeing glaive become much bigger this year.

Watch “astrid” below.

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