lilspirit – 4ever

If you haven’t heard of this LA-based artist, you must be living under a rock. With his drops “Drop Top Bitch” and “Ugly” he drops his new single 4ever. Internet Money had some big hitters on this single. With Rio, OVRCZ, Nick Mira, and Taz on the production mixed with the beautiful vocals of lilspirit. If you know me well, you know the number of times I’ve mentioned if lilspirit and Justin Bieber made a remix of Drop Top Bitch it would go #1. Now with this drop, they join up with the well-known production company of Overcast. 2021 Overcast is showing they are going for quality over quantity. With each video they have dropped, have been a mini-movie. With 2 ericdoa videos and starting the year off with Ryan Leahan, they are showing that they are amongst the top production companies.

Daniel Jordan never disappoints with the direction of his music videos, following the popular vampire emo look. With their usual outstanding editing and transitions, they have subtle hints from looking into the mirror and not being able to be seen. Ending off with ordering a pizza and enjoying the fresh blood of the delivery man. Each song lilspirit drops he makes sure to show off his true talent. From his soft soothing voice and his catchy writing. Having his fans on their toes with the short and sweet songs, having them put it on repeat. It’s another amazing performance between Overcast and lilspirit.

With the talent coming out of Internet Money and the quality of production from Overcast, wouldn’t be surprised to see much more work between these two in the future. This is only the start of some amazing music videos.

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