The Underd0g is fiending in recent release “NANANA”

The Underdog is back, coming off his last release Dem0n with a Hal0 ft. Voda Fuji (prod. Snorkatje). There are two versions of “NANANA” on SoundCloud, one being a night core remix. The song is produced by underground producer Curtains who has been a part of many artists’ hit songs. The Underd0g makes pop with a mix of night core and emo rap. He’s been making himself a household name in the underground.

Taking a listen into “NANANA”, the underdog is really hungry to smoke. He will do anything to get a hit if it means selling his soul. He sings of even finessing his girl of some blunts. Don’t test The Underd0g if he hasn’t fueled up, he’s coming for ya neck on this record. The production of this record came out really good and The Underd0g is really putting on for the underground pop scene. 

Listen to ‘‘NANANA” below

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