Rising artist Elroy releases “Bones”

Coming out of Pennsylvania, alternative artist Elroy has created a pathway for himself. Elroy is by far the most slept on artist in the alt/pop scene. I was put on to him by a friend and after I heard his December drop titled “PARASITE”, I knew there was something special here. One thing that really stood out to me while listening, is that Elroy doesn’t stick to just one sound. He brings in different instruments and creates a sound that we don’t hear often. Elroy is able to create a sound that is a blend of alternative and pop. He is really pushing pop’s limits, the production reminds me of a soft glitchcore beat, but it’s not hyperpop… not alternative hiphop – Elroy’s music lives in its own realm.

Taking a deeper listen into “Bones”, Elroy is talking about a dark part of his life. Elroy sings, “Cause I found a hole Deep inside, of my bones… That I can’t fill with drugs… Can I fill it with love”. Elroy is letting a lot of pain out in these lyrics. While the lyrics can be sad, the song fills you with so much joy. The production quality and mix make this song a true hit. Really excited to see what Elroy delivers next. 

Stream “Bones” Below.

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