Taylr Woods – For Me

Taylr Woods has been growing with every release he puts out. With every article I write, I always keep the song on repeat to get a better understanding and connect with the artist as I’m writing. With this melodic bouncy song, I was bopping my head the entire time. This Houston, Texas artist Taylr dives in deep with an emotional written song about all the ups and downs of relationships, as we have all had the moments that we will cherish and the memories that we would rather not think about. It is typically the moments you don’t want to think about that live rent-free in your head. Hearing the emotion in this song from Taylr, he has had a time within a relationship when she was playing games, putting this song out there for his fans so they aren’t alone that he knows how it feels. With this quick 2:13 song, the replay value is impeccable, and could have this on repeat for an hour without noticing. Keep working hard Taylr.

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