The Underd0g Starts the Year of Right With “Dem0n With A Hal0”

Not even a full month into the year and The Underd0g has blessed us with one of the best songs that will come out this year. “Dem0n With A Hal0” is one of those songs that you play for your friends while going 100 mph in a 30 zone bringing us a digicore type beat which could be taken out of an anime or video game and mixes it with The Underd0gs trance inducing vocals and Voda Fuji‘s flow which compliments both nicely. We all know this wouldn’t this would be an Underd0g song without the anime and video game reference, lines like “K-Krillin, solar flare but I’m Freeza with the beam, ho, Call of Duty with the silencer, I’ma make you bleed, ho” which is both the best lines i’ve ever heard and one of the hardest lines on the song. The Underd0g is on the come up and this song proves it, give it a listen and I know you won’t be disappointed.

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