Vonte* – Bank of America (music video)

With the music video, Vonte* dropped two weeks ago. With another video showing off the uniqueness of his sound. He has self-taught himself pro tools. This up-coming artist has another single that has recently drop called Aww Yea!. Proving how huge of an advantage self-teaching pro tools can be. If you have messaged me on any social media you have heard me say this. Teaching yourself pro tools gives you such a HUGE advantage by being able to create the sound YOU want. As Vonte* shows that in his music amongst many songs.

Starting to write when he was 8-years old when all he had was his phone and a notebook after getting expelled. Around then, he was listening to Joey Bada$$ and Earl Sweatshirt, as he stated in an interview. With this video being shot and edited by Charle Wheatle. With these crazy glitch effects cutting between scenes with his group in front of many different environments. With the quick glitchy transitions between scenarios, it matches perfectly with the song. I am excited for many artists this year and to see the growth of their career over the next 11 months. Vonte makes that list, with his unique sound and the talented team with him. Keep pushing Vonte, can’ t wait to hear what is next for you. The sky is the limit.

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