TiaCorine releases punk visuals to “Avril Lavigne”

TiaCorine is leading a new sound of emo rap. TiaCorine is a punkstar that is changing the sound and culture. Coming Out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Tia is shaping a new sound and is dominating her scene. Listening to her, you can hear the alternative rap and punk influence in her voice. The beat for “Avril Lavigne” fits just right with the emo rap sound. The video makes you want to dance along with her. TiaCorine has a 2000’s emo haircut in the video and pulls it off perfectly. People listening have really gravitated toward her because they can relate to the style of TiaCorine. 

The song’s title “Avril Lavigne” is a real back in time for 90’s kids. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Avril Lavigne, she released the famous punk song “Sk8er Boi” in 2002. This song has been referenced throughout punk and pop culture for years on social media. TiaCorine is leading her legacy bringing back emo in a new and innovative way. The video was shot by Josh Seidman of Rocket Reels. Rocket Reels killed it setting up the shoots, making TiaCorine look like a punk rap icon. You can expect to see TiaCorine a lot more in 2021. 

Watch “Avril Lavigne” below.

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