Ducey Gold releases cinema ready video to “Moonlight”

Ducey Gold is a rising artist coming out of North Carolina, with a voice that needs to be heard. When I first saw the video, I was sold on his image. His sound and the way he holds himself with confidence gave me the cosign to go through his catalog. Ducey’s charisma is the reason why so many people are gravitating toward him. I am curious to talk to Ducey about his thoughts on extraterrestrial life. In the video for Moonlight, he’s performing on the moon with an alien girl. Ducey has a video called “Love” that features UFO’s and space entities – he’s definitely onto something. 

In the Moonlight video, Ducey is constantly trying to escape all the toxic girls in his life and it’s taking a toll on him. Soul Serum does an impressive job capturing Ducey in an altered world between space and reality. His energy throughout the song gave me a dopamine rush, the production/engineering blessed this track. You can see how happy Ducey is throughout the video, he is really doing him. Ducey is an artist to watch out for this coming year.

Watch Ducey Gold’s “Moonlight” below.

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