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3rem & Andersun release emotional single “break up song”

This song has deep roots – a song of sorrow and heartbreak. It isn’t about a break up, but of a guy close to Andersun who committed suicide. The song takes you through his mindset and the self-hatred he had for himself. Honestly, when I first listened to it the whole way through, I was tearing up a bit. “break up song” is a true story about a dark time full of pain and agony. This song is a tribute to his life. Mental health is a real fucking issue, nearly 800,000 people commit suicide each year in the world. He deserved the whole world and he took it away from himself. Check in on everyone around you, the smiles may be a fabrication of someone trying to avoid the questions. 

Andersun lets it all loose and his vocals gave me the chills. Andersun sings, “She hated herself for who she was and who she couldn’t be.” Andersun’s lyrics are deep, he was so self-conscious and hated living inside his own body. He had a whole life ahead of his, a life that would’ve been full of joy and happiness. I haven’t heard production quality this good lately, I would do anything to hear this song live in concert. The real electric guitar made the song even more special. The mixing and mastering were all done in house by 3rem

Andersun and 3rem spent around 9 months creating this record. This is Andersun’s first release, you can tell he put his all into this track and didn’t hold anything back. You can stream “break up song” below.

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