“I just want people to shut the fuck up, honestly. I feel like, due to the internet. people give their opinion where its really not needed, wanted, or ask for, and it gets a little uncomfortable as an artist. Obviously, you can’t respond back to everybody individually and tell them to shut the fuck up, so I tried to make my haters feel special and I gave them their own personal song.” (Rico Nasty on “STFU” via Apple Music)

Rico Nasty (@riconasty)

This past Friday, (Dec. 4th), the 23-year-old Maryland-bred Rico Nasty shared an intense video for “STFU”, the fifth song off of her new album Nightmare Vacation, also released the same evening. Nightmare Vacation is Rico’s most polished work to date, featuring all of her invigorating qualities, perfected. Director Spudds McKenzie, who also collaborated with Rico Nasty on the video for her project’s twelfth track, “OHFR!?”, helped her bring the mosh pit invoking “STFU” melody to life. Rico brings a Missy Elliot-type of swagger and originality to the industry that makes her stand out from not only other female MC’s, but all other MC’s in general.

Check out the visual for “STFU” below.

STFU by Rico Nasty – Nightmare Vacation (2020) / Dir. by Spudds McKenzie

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