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fats’e and 93feetofsmoke join forces on their project “quantumountain”

There couldn’t be a more perfect storm, two of the most creative artists in the alternative hip hop scene together on one album - 93Feetofsmoke and fats’e

There couldn’t be a more perfect storm, two of the most creative artists in the alternative hip hop scene together on one album. 93Feetofsmoke and fats’e have been around for a long time and are a staple of the culture. 93 and fats’e have made songs together since early 2017, the two have a long list of tracks together. 

The first song off “quantumountain” instantly got me hooked. “fullbloodmoon / taser” has a melodic emo sound that features a soothing guitar throughout. 93’s vocals make me want to go face to face with someone and scream the lyrics in their face aggressively. fats’e lyrics are sad and emotional. When listening you need to follow with the lyrics to get what is going on. Fats’e discusses his regret and past relationships. You can tell 93 and fats’e are close friends and have gone through it together. This is a great song to lead off the album with. 

fats’e & 93feetofsmoke

This next track is a punk / emo rap song titled “BUG 5”. The two together are incomparable to other artists. It was a relief to hear a song with drums and punk vocals. The whole time I listened to this, I bopped my head back and forth. I knew this song would be a classic when fats’e sings, “i don’t need that… i blast off hit the ground… whiplash break my back… stone faced i don’t laugh”. The mixing and mastering compliment their voices and makes the song pristine. 

Artist anxiety attacks! is enlisted on “a frequency pulling my head towards the woods”. 93 has produced some of anxiety attacks! music, I was hoping the two would have more music together. I played this song about four times in a row the first time I heard it. The emo and raw vocals gave me a nostalgic feeling and I craved for more. I have been listening to these three artists since my freshman year of high school and can remember streaming 93’s single “lie and say i love her” nonstop. Anxiety Attacks! comes in with deep vocals and projects his vocals with confidence. 

So here we are on track 6 of the album, this was a trip all the way through. The last song of the album is “scraped my knee on accident (pt. 3)”. This song is accompanied by visuals by newenglandboy, hosted on underground hip hop platform sad chill. 93 and fats’e take on the chorus describing actions they did on accident – pretty relatable lyrics. Newenglandboy does an amazing job capturing the two. The fast pace transitions and colorful animations make this song fun and is a great track to wrap the album up with. 

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