Glaive delivers a hyperpop trip in his new album “cypress grove”

If you don’t know Glaive yet, you have been missing out on the kid that is on the forefront of a new sound. Glaive has been making big waves in the underground hyper pop scene for quite some time now. Glaive started making music at the start of the pandemic. Fifteen year old Glaive is a part of the generation of internet kids that meet online. The sound Glaive sings in “cypress grove: can be classified as hyper pop, the production and his voice derives from pop punk, emo, and glitchcore. 

Let’s dive into “cypress grove”, my favorite song being touché. The song is produced by artist/producer brakence, the beat and Glaive’s aggressive vocals match perfectly. touché is packaged with a creative visual Directed by @DanielJordanK, the colors and animations took me through a trip watching the video. Daniel and his team are true visionaries for the scene. 

Glaive doesn’t stop there with the visuals on “cypress grove”. His song “pissed” features him and friends dressed as furry animals in the woods. Glaive is attracted by a poignant smell, he heads to a house and Glaive breaks in! You can watch the video here: “glaive – pissed (Dir.@DanielJordanK). 

This album left me feeling very refreshed and happy. We are excited to hear what the young star has coming next!

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