Tobi Lou Is Telling Us One Thing: “Notice Me”

Tobi Lou teamed up with MIA GLADSTONE last week to create the wavey R&B track, Notice Me. Feeding off of each other’s vibes, Lou and GLADSTONE are a magnificent duo, with great background vocals and melodies throughout the entire song. This song almost puts you into an upbeat, summertime mood and reminded me of sunny skies and warm weather. There are hints of retro sounds weaved throughout as well, and this was a nice touch that rounded off the track nicely. GLADSTONE did an excellent job of letting Tobi hold the spotlight (as it is his song). That being said, she did an equally great job at bringing a fresh supportive energy in between his lines. She held her own and I can’t think of anyone who could’ve done a better job. This is an excellent track to relax to, and I will definitely be turning to this when I need to unwind from a long day at work. Listen to Notice Me by Tobi Lou and MIA GLADSTONE on Spotify by clicking here.

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