Meet akaBeto, Making Visuals for the Scene by the Scene

If you haven’s seen an akaBeto visual you are missing out on one of the most talented videographers in the underground scene. Based out of Riverside, California his humble beginning started with him shooting skateboarding videos for his friend and later he was asked by a family member to shoot a music video for them. From here akaBeto’s career kicked into full drive shooting a plethora of videos most notably the video he shot for ZyaThaProphet and being featured on DEATHPROOF INC. youtube channel.

More impressive is the quality of his videos and the turn around times being as he does the shooting and the editing for all of his videos. Consistency is key to the underground and the consistent high quality videos akaBeta puts out is a major indicator of his inevitable success. Watching a few of his videos you can tell he does this for the love of the scene and not the money or fame that can come with it and speaking briefly with him I can see his drive to be better and bring the scene with him.The most impressive thing is that he’s only just started, a year and a half and akaBeto is already creating high quality consistent content, yet is still learning as he goes along. I can only imagine the quality in 4 to 5 years under his belt. make sure to be on the lookout for an akaBeto production company, at the rate he’s going he will be sure to rival Lyrical Lemonade.

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