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Yung Scuff Returns to the Scene with YUNGSCUFFONLINE EP

When listening to YUNGSCUFFONLINE for the first time I had 2 immediate thoughts, finally new scuff music and this is the definition of experimental and musical freedom. Although only 4 tracks long, the EP manages to pack a wide array of sounds and blends multiple genres together. With producers like Shyburial, Retrocanon, and my personal favorite Curtains and features with Braxton Knight and Lil Narnia we have a wide array of sounds being blended together perfectly.

The first track LY2 is best described as hyper post-hardcore, littered with hardcore vocals in the background with a glitchcore beat and Yung Scuff being perfectly auto tuned. The second verse sees Lil Narnia with his signature vocals come in delivering a heavy message that both makes me sad but also jump around and dance. The next track Sour Candy 3000 follows the same sound as the last, track heavy autotune with backing screams littered through it. Curtains was the perfect choice to produce this beat, being a very airy take on hyper pop which mixes well with Scuff’s post hardcore vocals. Track 3, I Hope I Learn My Lesson takes me back to the days of 8 bit arcade games starting off with a beat that would be fit for Mario 64 then transitioning to heavy 808s. the auto tune and pitch are shifted down for this track but not enough to to not be a hyper pop song. The last track and also my favorite is Die Young Online, a hyper pop take on Ke$ha’s Die Young. Curtains and Retrocanon absolutely killed the beat turning the original played with guitar into a a synth hyper pop beat. This is also the only track where scuff’s voice can be heard with the least amount of pitch and auto tune revealing his classic post hardcore/ pop vocals come out during the chorus. Braxton Knight comes in for the verse strong, forcing me to jump and fist pump while also putting me in a trance. Separating from the original lyrics was a bold move that paid off, making this song unique while still being a cover. Scuff returns for the last chorus finishing off with the chorus with background screams, bringing high amounts of energy to close out the EP.

Over all, this EP is the embodiment of everything right with the scene, being extremely experimental and creating it sown genre of music. Yung scuff return cemented himself as a front runner for the new wave of hyper pop and I would even go as far to say will be at the top of a scene that he created all from this EP.

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