Teezo Touchdown is the Future

Eclectic in style and delivery, Teezo Touchdown is as refreshing as he is idiosyncratic. Infusing elements of indie, trap, and punk, Teezo has carved out his own unique sound, and it’s unlike anything I’ve heard.

Upon first glance, Texas native Teezo Beaumont is nothing short of an eccentric, fashion-first artist. His instagram feed showcases beefy chains, and nails stuffed into his dreadlocks. Though clothes and accessories have always been a huge piece of music, in today’s climate, others who fall under this guise are usually coerced by their record labels to wear outlandish clothing in return for shock value, and a blanket that may help cover a lack of ability. However, after a deep-dive into Teezo’s discography, I was delightfully mistaken. With a diverse catalog stemming from a multitude of inspirations, one thing is clear to me; Teezo Touchdown is the future.

Strong Friend, was showcased in July of this year to critical acclaim. Featuring punchy guitar strums and a vocal cadence which is seemingly an ode to Texas roots, the record serves as a simple yet effective introduction to Teezo’s journey. Only two weeks later, Careful was released. While following a similar formula as it’s predecessor, this record begins to lay out more hip-hop elements. And again, within the same month, we were met with a 3rd single which seemed to deny any expectations that the previous two had since established. SUCKA!, while sporting a feature from Fred Flippstone over grimy key hits, sounds like a 90s diss track. The brief, but sonically intriguing intermission was then toppled by Teezo’s latest offering, Rooting For You, which seems to re-engage with the path I believe he’ll be maintaining.

If you’re looking for a new artist that looks as interesting as he sounds, and who sounds like nothing you’ve heard, find Teezo Touchdown in the end zone winning.

Stream his latest song below!

Written by nic violets (@nicviolets)

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