POSHBOY2 is the follow-up to ITSOKTOCRY‘s debut studio album, POSHBOY. In POSHBOY2, ITSOKTOCRY brings a fresh energy to the modern rap scene with a variety of styles that range from hyperpop to retro-punk. Beginning to end, the album plays very seamlessly, with songs blending together so well that when the album is over, you don’t even realize where the time went.

One of the first things I recognized about ITSOKTOCRY is his unique take on the Young Thug sound. Using a light, baby-like voice on the second, third, and fourth songs, he flowed extremely well throughout these tracks. He brought a unique energy that made it them some of the most memorable tracks on the album. If you’re a fan of TyFontaine, you’ll thoroughly enjoy these tracks in particular.

In murakami soulja, ITSOKTOCRY comes in hard with a hyperpop style switch-up. Immediately following this, is mirror shopping. This was another standout track from the album that features a fantastic mix of glitchcore vocal effects with rock production. Additionally, it features 93FEETOFSMOKE and GRANDMA throughout the track.

you can’t sit with us was one of my favorite songs on the album for multiple reasons. Opening with a humorous and iconic intro, it immediately puts you into a fun mood. The vocal production features more glitch-core sounds, and the beat is a very fast one that I can see myself immediately bumping with my friend. The song immediately following this, simple and clean, continues with the glitch-core vibes, but with a more nostalgic feel.

As a whole, POSHBOY 2 was a very well rounded album. It adhered to a consistent sound, with tracks that complimented each other without sounding repetitive. This is an album I would hit shuffle on and not be concerned about a bad track coming on, as every single one hits hard and gives a specific vibe that nearly everyone is bound to enjoy. I’m excited to see what sounds ITSOKTOCRY continues to explore, and hope to hear more experimentation with the glitch-core sound. Listen to POSHBOY2 on Spotify here.

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