Saint Lazare’s Fragile Baby, a Grim Look on Life

I Feel confident in saying that at one point or another in life we have all thought about the monotony of growing up, how scary it can be to work a 9 to 5, or even just being an adult. “Fragile Baby” by Saint Lazare takes all those thoughts and mashes it into one song for one truly emotional roadshow of normalcy for many people. The song follows the life of an imaginary person going through a day, looking for clean clothes in a messy room and being late to work, the torturous and slow drive to a job that is equally as torturous, and pretending to be busy while at work. The turning point of the song happens when the Fragile Baby get fired from their job, although a job that is hated this character is devastated and turns to drugs while at a party. Over all the song is great, with a Slow Thai type beat laced with some anxiety the song is a perfect representation of a young adults life.

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