Thee JAE Turing His Struggles Into Songs

Thee JAE is a versatile artist hailing from the DMV with a style varying style mixing between rapping and singing. Generating buzz in his scene with his recent project TRAP JAE VOL. II pulling in features from names such as Nessly, Jay Gwuapo, Valeé, BIGBABYGUCCI, and Bobbynice to name a few. With such a versatile sound, combining rapping and singing its no surprise that he has something for everyone in his extensive discography.

While Thee JAE’s music is great to bump the lyrical content is extremely important to understand. He has been through a lot and he has no fear of releasing it all in his art, writing on issues such as incarceration, homelessness, and betrayal. What is really impressive about all of this is his lyricism embodies the lifestyle of someone who has overcome significant challenges and is ready to take the next step further in his career.

With the immense amount of work and dedication Thee JAE has put into his music he has definitely shown the scene what he has to offer. With big names noticing him and strong musical prowess its with out a doubt that Thee JAE has and will continue to be a name to be recognized in the scene.


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