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Zac Greer Reminisces on Changes and Relationships on EP Headaches

Zac Greer‘s upcoming EP “Headaches” is nothing short of a trip down memory lane while understanding that changes can happen extremely quickly. Recently I’ve been able to listen to the EP and get feedback on the thought process that Greer had when writing “Headaches”. While the main theme of the EP revolves around changes, its what changes and the people and relationships that stuck around through them.

With a brief overview of the EP lets take an in depth look at each track, sharing my opinion and Greer’s ideas.

The first track “Enemies” on the surface is about his enemies but if we dig deeper and listen a little more we can see how its about people who Greer knows personally trying to bring him down. The perfect line that encapsulates the theme of the song is “Careful who i bring closer, soon as shit change seems like everyone vultures now”, singing about how now its harder to trust people who once looked down on you, and now are trying to steal what Greer work hard for.

The second track “Crazy” takes a step back to that feeling that everyone gets at the beginning of a relationship. The feeling where you cant leave each others sight and opening up to this new person. In my opinion this song perfectly expresses how the beginning of a relationship and takes on two meaning, one being how two people are crazy about each other but how also how two people can be so excited about a new relationship and drive each other crazy.

The next track “Stay” build off the previous track, assuming two people have been together in a relationship for some time and have become stronger together. while its hard to find the right person the feeling when you do is amazing and this track speaks heavily on that. Its east to get used to not having something real when it comes to a relationship but when you finally find the right person the feeling of being less broken is there. Its a beautiful feeling and you always want them close to you and “Stay” perfectly builds that image.

The final track and the track that represents both Greer and the EP is “Headaches“, bringing all the the previous tracks themes together with a beautiful yet simple acoustic guitar. We’ve heard Greer sing about the beginning of a relationship, and how beautiful a real relationship can be, but on this one he sings about how not everything is perfect in a relationship. Relationships always have their flaws or bad days that cause “headaches” but at the end of the day working through these problems will pay off.

The EP is a beautiful one, easily relatable and sonically pleasing. Greer’s voice over acoustic beats pairs perfectly with the message and theme of the EP. “Headaches” has much to offer from driving with the windows down to reminiscing about old times. Over all a solid EP from Zac greer and one that you should definitely listen, available on all platforms now.

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