Afourteen, the Underground’s Secret Hardest Artist

It’s hard to define what kind of music or genre that Afourteen is and in a brief discussion with him it seems that he can’t describe himself either. While it is easy to make an assumption based off of A singe track, looking at the discography as a whole we can see how diverse he can be even withing one song. If you were to ask Afourteen himself he would tell you he doesn’t know what genre or sub genre of music he makes it’s just what he loves, and listening to and seeing him live you can tell the passion he puts into his music and performances.

The problem with trying to put Afourteen in a genre is he doesn’t fit in any and all of them at the same time. Songs like BARSFAT! and ASMR we can hear him rapping in a more traditional sense, but then we move on to songs such as ! and Desert Eagle which show his more metal/ punk side. Occasionally we’ll get song songs from left field which are slower and more melodic such as Somniphobia and his latest release Beautiful Maiden. His entire discography shows how talented and versatile he can be going from screaming to melodic singing all within one song.

In a brief interview with Afourteen, I got more insight on him and his music which explained his music and himself as an artist. Afourteen started making music in the 8th grade which was inspired by Eminem, although he didn’t like it. His earlier music was more of an experiment to find himself and his sound. listening to his music through the years we can see him grow and some of his most significant growth was after he joined Spider Gang a group of like minded genre blending artist. Together they created some of Afourteen’s biggest songs such as BARSFAT and HUMAN RACE while also developing a large cult following. With streams climbing up and fans multiplying by the day Afourteen has no plans of slowing down, with goals of playing shows outside and constant releases Afourteen is set to continue to be one of the undergrounds best artist.

All of his videos and songs are very energetic and DIY and i’m proud to be apart of JUMPIN’ IN THE JUNK taping, directing, and editing was amazing because it really showed me who Afourteen was and why he’s cemented himself in the underground

Jumpin’ In the Junk (prod. DLTZK)

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