Lil Candy Paint’s Everythang Purple Is Everything Good with Hip-Hop’s Direction

Lil Candy Paint’s Everythang Purple was just released. Here is the write up:

2020 continues to be a power year in music as rapper Lil Candy Paint recently dropped his latest album, Everythang Purple. The 24-minute project embodies some of the best in hip-hop’s current direction. Throughout the tracks, you can hear Lil Candy Paint’s creative growth alongside his Chicago and Atlanta inspirations.

So, what message doesEverythang Purple send with its sound? It certainly doesn’t fit into the mumble rap genre that has become so wildly popular in recent years; one could argue it aligns more with the sounds we hear from the newer pop-rap artists. Do you like an artist like Paint more to his fundamental sounds in others such as Swae Lee or even Chief Keef or to the “pretty boy rap” movement? The answer should truly be neither. Lil Candy Paint is forging his own lane in hip-hop. A sound that is entirely his own and a vision clearly stated within a project of this level. Inspirations are present but uniqueness is prevalent. Standout tracks Anyway, 22, and Raining jump out as some of the more likely hits.

Punchy bass, plucky sounds, and tight percussion are layered over ethereal melodies. This technique is found throughout the album and gives it a smooth but visceral vibe. You can hear this style in most of Paint’s discography, but Everythang Purple takes it to new places. Lil Candy Paint comes closer to achieving his full potential in this album and that’s made known right off the bat with the powerful synth-heavy start that gives the album its namesake. Lyrically speaking, Lil Candy Paint delivers just as much as his instrumentals. Listeners can hear his story, feel his ups and downs, and connect with his message…and that is what hip-hop is all about. Nicely done autotune and just enough effects to round out Paint’s naturally talented voice give it an appealing, modern sound. Lil Candy Paint continues to solidify his artistry with Everythang Purple. It will be exciting to see where the 21-year-old takes his music, but for now we get to enjoy where he stands. Listen through Everythang Purple with the sense of veneration Lil Candy Paint put into the project and you’re sure to become a big fan. Stream it now on all platforms.

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