Savage Ga$p Hopes You’re Doing Well With His Latest Single

“I hope ur doing well” is the first single from Fort Knox, Kentucky native Savage Ga$p’s upcoming album. The track showcases the immense artistic strides Ga$p himself has made throughout the past couple of years, placing himself at the vanguard of this scene as a whole. 

The song is incredibly cute in nature — almost deceivingly happy. It avoids being a typical example of a track obsessed with heartbreak and lost love; rather, it revels in its nuance. He sings about wishing the best for his past love, reminiscing about the time they spent together while acknowledging that it really is over now and in the past. It is a wildly different tone and vibe than what is commonly heard all made possible by Colliding With Mars’ masterful production. 

The track’s instrumental is a large contrast from his usual choice of beats, such as the 93feetofsmoke-produced track “Pumpkins Glow by Moonlight.”

This is a clear departure from other songs in his discography — ones that have pushed Ga$p onto the screens of so many unsuspecting soon-to-be fans on apps like Tik Tok. “I hope ur doing well” chooses to distance itself from the songs that blew him up in the first place, in order to highlight the much more intimate and personal music that he has to offer.

Written by Nick Tahan

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