Who is Savage Ga$p? Let’s Dig Deep!

This 22-year-old from Kentucky has been known as the name Savage Ga$p. We can say a lot about Savage Ga$p, I mean he has so much to talk about from the independent growth he has shown. From performing well on his Tik Tok, growing a strong fan base around other social media’s like Instagram and Twitter. But to see what he is doing to do have this growth, he just makes music you can genuinely hear in his voice he enjoys making, he has a different and unique sound because it’s coming from his head and everyone always has a different perspective of everything, that is the most amazing part about music. YOU get to choose what you listen too, or what you want to make.

Especially following his love for Halloween with albums he has done like The Long Halloween dropping it in October. Also working with artist that also have unique sounds like the $not. But if you haven’t heard of 1nonly, and you are a $not fan then you will have to check out the track Savage Ga$P and 1nonly have together called Move! hits different! touching into the $not sound. This has only grown his community with the music video they worked on. He has also been so consistent through-out 2021 with 3 singles of his own im still dreaming about you, this one for the girls, and im drunk and i miss you still.

Savage Ga$p always keeps his fans busy with new content all the time. From Tik Tok’s, staying active on social medias, new music, and music videos. You can’t be bored with this artist because he just won’t let you. He will always try new things, so don’t expect him to get repetitive.

Check Out His Recent Single “this one 4 the girls”

this one 4 the girls Music Video

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