Natalie Graham drops a video for her new single, “New Fashion”

Natalie Graham recently released a single and music video for her song, "New Fashion".

Natalie Graham has become of my favorite underground female artists. She’s from Louisville, Kentucky and is unlike most women involved in the rap community. She has a sound of her own, an incomparable voice and delivery, and she doesn’t even have to use her body for clicks and views.

Her newest single, “New Fashion” has been making buzz ever since she dropped a snippet that made its way all over the internet. Soon after the initial hype built up, flashes of a video also emerged and now here we are with the new single and a video. 

The song has to rank at the top of Natalie’s discography. Produced by Roman RSK and engineered by BeMillz, the beat was a vibe even by itself. I don’t know what they did with the 808s, but I’ve never heard anything like it. The notes it hit and then slide up to will make any speakers go crazy.

The track is filled with build up and break down that both come directly from the beat, and Nat has the perfect voice to pair it with. The chorus is filled with tons of hype, and then the verse breaks down for a smooth inbetween. I love the transition to a keys melody in the verse. It chops the beat up and opens it with just enough space for the artist.

Obviously Graham killed the vocals. She used all kinds of flows and sent her voice to both ends of the earth with the massive range she has. She paired her crazy vocals with a simple video design. Shot by Leo the Shooter, the video takes place in a simple setting: a golf course and a parking lot. The night shots that play throughout the video are paired with a few bright lights that bring out Natalie and her going crazy on the song. Leo was a great person to get behind the lens for this video.

I absolutely love this song and am so happy to see Natalie Graham posting more fire music. Watch out for this girl because she has been making noise and I don’t see her stopping anytime soon.

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