Surf’s Badder Human is an instant classic

After months of delays and push-backs, fans of the Atlanta-based rapper Surf were elated when a final release date of Badder Human was officially set. On September 20th, he released his follow-up to his 2018 project Bad Human. Immediately one can hear the progression that he has made both musically and with the substance in his lyrics. His attitude on this project comes across as much more confident and aggressive than anything that we have heard from the Atlanta rapper thus far.

Better Days is a perfect start to this project with one of the coldest beat switches I have heard this year so far. Switching his flow on a dime, Surf matches the contrasting tempo and mood of the two beats perfectly. Sick, Mans, and Eons form a hat trick of hard lyrics and in-your-face flows and upon first listen, I was taken aback. This is probably the most energetic and lively I have heard Surf in a minute and I was excited to hear him attack these songs so aggressively.

With Me, Falling, and Move Like Me provide stark contrast to some of the other tracks on this project as he comes at these songs with a more gentile approach. Using these songs to sing from the heart he brings out an incredibly vulnerable side of himself that we don’t get to see too often. In many cases, it is that very vulnerable side of an artist that allows for fans to truly connect with what the artist is trying to convey.

3am, an interesting closing to the Badder Human project, seems to be a song that was created after the project was otherwise finished. Most likely relating to recent events that unfolded with a significant other, he seems very raw on this song. He touches on the ugly side of a relationship that is hidden from the public.

Surf raps on a wide variety of topics and issues on Badder Human and he has clearly put out his best work to date. This is a very cohesive album and it seems difficult to not listen to the entire thing in one sitting. Although this is some of his best music, I still feel that there is a lot of room for Surf to improve and I am certain that will continue to develop sonically. Surf’s music excites me and I feel that he has much potential. Go stream Badder Human, out now available everywhere.

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