Wiley from Atlanta opens up about his musical journey (Interview)

Wiley from Atlanta recently had an interview done with the Grooverelly team.

Atlanta continues to remain on top of the rap game as time progresses and more artists join the music scene. The city is not only known for rap and hip-hop, but also country, folk, and other southern-rooted genres. Somewhere in between the two opposite ends, stands Wiley from Atlanta. The artist has been creating his own path with his sound and blending it with his twist of blues, r&b, soul and more. Getting to learn about Wiley’s growth from the man himself was such a joy. So here’s to learning more about this one of a kind artist making some serious noise in Underground Atlanta, Wiley from Atlanta.

So, how are you man? What have you been up to recently?

Wiley: I’m great! I’m working on a few different things, trying to stay busy. I just got the master back for my next single and I’m really excited about it. 

Should be September (to drop the single), I can’t give a definite date yet, but September is the goal; When the weather gets a little colder…

**Wiley Continues**

It’s a sequel to a song I dropped two years ago when I was going through a lot. It’s produced by this dude, Svnny from the UK and exec prod by me.

Engineered by Oliver Blue

Can’t wait for it. To start, when exactly did you start making music and was it a band that first piqued your interest?

Wiley: I started writing raps when I was around 12 or 13. In middle school, I listened to Wayne and Kanye, but I didn’t have any idea how to make a song. I think the first thing I recorded was a freestyle on drake’s “Over” beat.

My band actually came together in the last year, Ian produced on my album (Blue Don’t Make Me Cry). We went to high school together and he plays bass. Johnny and I have played shows together for a few years, he drums. And I just met Alex earlier this year, he’s done a lot of work w Flwr Chyld who I’m a big fan of. 

Crazy how it all comes together like that. I know you perform with the band at your shows too which makes for such good live performances; What has the energy at your shows been like?

Wiley: Having a band that wants to play my music is such a blessing. We have great chemistry as musicians and it’s been beautiful to see it come together. The shows have been great, it’s crazy seeing people pack shows out that know the words. 

I think that’s probably the main highlight, just people loving the music and wanting more.

Your fans are so loyal because you have such a one of a kind sound. How would you describe your music? Do you consider it to be in a certain genre?

Wiley: Thank u man, yeah it’s really cool to see. I think the people that like my music seem to really like it and ride for it, which is rare. I think I would classify it as Alternative R&B, but I’m a rapper first really; I just like to sing and write songs in different styles. I’m not sure how to classify my music, but I always try to push myself to make something new every time.

When I first heard your music it took me a second to fully grasp it, but once I did I was hooked fr. What is your recording process like? How do you select beats and create lyrics?

Wiley: I try to write lyrics whenever I can. Often times, I write to instrumentals I’m sent or that I find. Sometimes I write to a lot of beats and take what I’ve written to the studio to create something new. Writing is what I like the most, so if I’m not writing lyrics I’m working on fiction or scripts and things like that.

As far as beat selection I’m pretty picky. I look for anything that moves me to try a new flow or a new lyric structure, just because I like the challenge. I can usually tell if I want to use a beat within the first ten or fifteen seconds, it’s just a feeling I get.

It definitely shows in your music. Your songs have so much passion in the lyrics. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Wiley: Thank u I appreciate that. I draw most of my inspiration from Atlanta and Atlanta music. Growing up here is a really unique experience, and there’s so much good music, that it’s easy to find inspiration. I love OutKast of course, TI, Usher, Earthgang, And JID all inspire me. I also love Brittany Howard, Frank Ocean, and Miguel, Radiohead too. I think a lot of my music comes from heartbreak and experiences with growing up. I always try to write real things so that I’m not singing about someone else’s story.

It is easy to tell how real the lyrics are. Props to you for being so open like that in your music; What’re some goals as an artist you have?

Wiley: I’ve always wanted to act in a film, whether it’s one that I write or not. And I want to score a film as well. I’ve been working on a script for a couple of years that could be something I could write, direct, and tie into an album down the road.

The other thing that keeps me up nights is really my passion for the Atlanta creative scene. I strive to boost the scene in any way I can at all times. It’s important to me for our underground to get the shine it deserves 

So true, Atlanta is so good for film and has so much young talent that needs exposure. Anything else you want to include or say to the fans?

Wiley: Look out for me and David the Tragic little tape. We don’t know when we’re gonna drop but we’ve been planning a project together for a min.


Wiley is such a great dude and after having a conversation with him it emphasizes that statement even more. The guy is so genuine and personable. His passion for Atlanta and its creative scene is what drive him. Filled with heartbreak and his real world experiences, Wiley from Atlanta’s music is one of a kind and unparalleled to anything else you could hear online. Such a talented artist deserves more publicity and I hope this display of his artistry can help provide exposure to Wiley and his seriously, incredible craft.

His most recent album, Blue Don’t Make Me Cry, below:

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