Tommy Ice teams back up with Internet Money and they release, “Drug Sick”

Tommt Ice, Nick Mira, and Pretty Boy Ron release the new single, "Drug Sick" on Soundcloud.

Tommy Ice has released a few songs with Internet Money producer, Nick Mira in the past. The team is back with Tommy Ice’s new single, “Drug Sick”. Nick doesn’t really need an introduction for what he has accomplished as a musician, in such a short amount of time. Tommy and Nick have been dropping songs together and they just put out another hit.

Seeing who Nick Mira chooses to work with amazes me. I always mess with the artists he teams up with, but I can never guess who he is going to pick. I have been a Tommy Ice fan for some time now, so it excites me to see him working with someone who is going to give him a lot of exposure. 

The beat itself hits hard and is filled with a simple soft melody. It sounds like a classic Nick Mira made melody. Tommy goes over the beat with some sorrow, heartbreaking lyrics which work well on a beat like this. Pretty Boy Ron is also a dope producer who works with Tommy frequently. I would be curious as to which beatmaker worked on which instruments.

Shout out to Internet Money and Nick Mira for giving the young legend, Tommy Ice a chance to really progress his career. He deserves the new fans he gains from this and I hope it sends him sky high.

Check out the song:

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