Surf Bounces Back With New Track “Sixth Sense”

Atlanta artist Surf tweeted out on Monday that he had been released from the psychiatric facility, and that he was going to do everything in his power to prevent another relapse. His new track “Sixth Sense,” which arrives roughly 2 months after the release of his last track, is reflective of this tweet and his current headspace. Produced by Saya, the song starts with ominous yet strangely uplifting echoed bells that elicit a slight psychedelic feel to the beat. Surf kicks in immediately after the initial 808 hits, and half raps half sings about how even though he has made somewhat of a name for himself, he needs to work on his music, mind, and money now more than ever for the sake of both his career and mental health. 

Surf demonstrates his vocal range on this song by changing octaves within verses quite frequently and ad-libbing himself in heavily reverberated falsetto. I think this song acts as a harbinger of what’s to come from the promising young artist. This track was put out to assure his fans and himself that he’s back on his grind for good this time. I’m excited to see what Surf releases soon. And assuming he is to oblige to his message in this song and his tweet, we should expect to receive an ample supply of new music within the near future.

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